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Paola, KS

Make Sure Your Rights Are Protected!

If you are facing criminal charges or family law issues in Metro Kansas City, Paola, Johnson County, or other nearby areas, we can help you get the best resolution possible.

At Steven Jensen Law, you can count on us working hard to ensure all of your rights are protected – and due to us having experience on all three sides of the judicial system (as a judge, prosecutor, and now defense attorney), you can relax knowing we will map out the best possible legal strategy for you.

Then we will back up that strategy with extreme dedication and effort!

To put it another way, we know how prosecutors and judges think and will take advantage of that to get you the best possible outcome.

We also understand that facing criminal charges or going through family law conflicts can be highly stressful and filled with uncertainty. We will use our knowledge and experience to calmly guide you through the process to the best outcome.

You can count on us to be a law firm that will fight hard for your best interests. We understand that the stakes are very serious when someone faces criminal charges or a family law case, and we are always willing to go above and beyond for our clients.

Our Services

Criminal Defense

These charges include DWI, drugs, theft, burglary, violent crimes like assault and battery, and more. No matter what charge you face, we are committed to providing you with a comprehensive, well-thought-out defense!

The first step for anyone charged with a crime should be to acquire proper legal representation. A good, experienced law firm – like Steven Jensen Law – can make sure that your case is resolved in the best manner and that costly mistakes are avoided. We will:

  • Thoroughly investigate your case
  • Probe for weaknesses in the state’s case to exploit
  • Develop a customized defense strategy for you
  • Cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses, raise questions about evidence, and secure favorable witnesses
  • Provide advice on plea bargain offers
  • And more

Family Law

This includes divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, division of assets, parenting agreements, adoption, paternity, and more.

We will work hard to provide you with an innovative, reasonable, and lasting legal solution. We have the skills, resources, and experience to ensure your best interests are represented.

Whether you have been married for years or months … have accrued significant assets or minor ones … we can help.

At Steven Jensen Law, we will help you consider your options so that you choose the best one for you and your family. We have the expertise you need to move through this period of transition smoothly and cost-effectively, achieving the results you deserve.

Mediation & Arbitration

Mediation is a process where you (with your lawyer) and your spouse (with their lawyer) meet with a neutral trained person (known as a “mediator”) who doesn’t know either of you and doesn’t know anything about your case who tries to help you and your spouse reach an agreement regarding the issues involved in the dispute.

Arbitration is a similar process that utilizes an arbitrator, an individual person or organization appointed to settle a dispute.

We have found that it’s possible to use mediation and arbitration to achieve satisfactory resolutions for many disputes, even in high-conflict situations. This is because we are highly experienced in helping clients achieve their desired outcomes.

If You Are Facing a Criminal Charge, Family Law Case, Mediation, or Arbitration, You Can Count on Steven Jensen Law to Fight for You!

If you are seeking an attorney in Johnson County, Metro Kansas City, or other local counties like Miami, Linn, Bourbon, or Crawford counties who is knowledgeable and who will advocate aggressively on your behalf, then you need Steven Jensen Law.

Our firm handles various cases (including misdemeanor and felony criminal charges) and traffic charges and knows how to craft personalized defense strategies that work.

We are located in Paola and serve both Miami County and Johnson County and the surrounding Kansas city area. Charges defended include, but are not limited to, drug offenses, DUI, drug crimes, sex crimes, theft crimes, assault and theft charges, criminal appeals, and more.

Protect Your Future, Your Freedom, and Your Family

We have a unique understanding of how the prosecution will build its case and how to fight back effectively.

When you hire Steven Jensen Law, you are putting on your side a highly qualified, highly dedicated attorney who believes everyone – no matter what they are charged with – deserves the best possible defense.

That means you can count on receiving a personalized, aggressive defense that considers all the evidence and the surrounding circumstances and paints you in the best possible light.

We understand that no two cases are the same and will give you the fresh, unique defense you deserve. You matter to us, and we will do everything possible to ensure a favorable resolution to your case.

You can also count on us to dig into your case’s specifics and catch the little things others may not see.

With Steven Jensen Law, you get an expert defense team that is 100% on your side. We will keep you informed throughout the process and always act in your best interests.

Why Hire Us?

Over 30 Years of Experience

We have been defending criminal cases in this area since 1993 and have a long track record of success.

Thousands of Cases Handled & Lives Protected

Our general practice firm has also handled numerous family law cases as well as mediations and arbitrations. We are known for providing authoritative, highly-effective legal counsel.

Experience as a judge

Steve has a unique perspective from three different positions as a former prosecutor, judge, and now private practice attorney. 

Steven Jensen Law Will Fight for You!

After serving as a prosecutor and a judge, Mr. Jensen is now using his unique knowledge and experience to help those charged with crimes or who are seeking favorable judgments in family law cases, mediation, and arbitration.

Our firm is passionate not only about protecting people’s rights in court but from protecting them from unlawful seizure of their property.

To accomplish these goals, we rely on extensive legal knowledge, oratory and courtroom skills, and an in-depth understanding of how prosecutors and judges think.

When you need a champion in your corner – and not just a paid legal representative – then Steven Jensen Law is right for you.

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